About Us

Our Wonderful Teachers

Miss Nancy:

      My name is Nancy McCune and I have been teaching at Lil' SAINTS since it opened in February 2006. I have a Bachelor's degree in Early Childhood Education from the State University of New York at Fredonia, and a Master's Degree in Elementary Education from Eastern Michigan University. I am married to Andy and we have three sons, Evan, Colin and Riley. The boys have all graduated from college and are living out of state. Andy and I love to travel, especially to see the boys! Before working at Lil' SAINTS I was a substitute teacher in New York and Michigan, then after we got married and moved here, I worked at Gretchen's House as a Kindergarten and Preschool teacher. I was working at Gretchen's house when Evan was born in 1991 and stayed home to raise my boys. I loved being home, but also needed some time out of the house. I worked part time at the Calico Cat Book and Gift Shoppe in Saline for 9 years.

    One of my favorite things about working with preschoolers is that they are so open to and excited about learning new things. I love to see their faces light up when they discover something at the science table, or write their name for the first time. I love listening to them make up wild adventures or act out making a birthday cake in the dramatic play area. I also love to hear them laugh or console a friend who has an owie. They have such pure hearts. I love every day with them at Lil' SAINTS. I am blessed to work at a preschool that not only prepares children for Kindergarten, but promotes teaching them about the love and grace of Christ.   


Miss Meghan:

     Miss Meghan has been at Lil’ SAINTS preschool for more than five years.   She has a degree in Business Administration. Her favorite thing about Lil’ SAINTS is doing art projects with her friends at the art table and sledding on the playground.



Here’s What Parents are Saying about us:

  “I love the teachers and the environment they create for the kids. They are nurturing, kind, and so sweet to the kids, never overwhelming or pushy. They teach great manners and instill good value and character into the kids. My son loves going there and being there. I love the activities they have ready for the kids to do when they get there. There is always an activity greeting them before they enter, and once inside so many puzzles, matching games, sensory type of fun waiting for them. Each day ends with outdoor play time which is a highlight for my son!” 

-Paulina Logozzo 


“The teachers and director at Lil’ SAINTS Preschool are fun, kind and warm. It’s a wonderful, welcoming place to bring your children and know they’re safe and learning Christian values. Plus, my son loves it so much; he counts down the days until he gets to go again.” -Nancy Klein 


“A few reasons why we love Lil’ SAINTS: 

· Warm/friendly environment & enriching play-based learning 

· Great sized classrooms and ratios of teachers: students 

· Based at our church where we worship! 

· Very experienced teachers who love what they do . . . always friendly! 

· Interactive learning and challenges the kids in fun ways to grow and be prepared for kindergarten”

-Lindsay Schultz